Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Writing Prompt -- Inner Angst

March 3, 2009

If you're a regular to the blog, you know that I'm working on a YA novel, bumbling along actually, but making progress, and constantly confronted with my own teenage angst. My goodness, I took myself much too seriously and was way too intense, but that's true for a lot of teens. I've lightened up, thank God. However, that old angst is a wonderful well of inspiration to drink from. This morning, let's fill our cups with teenage angst. Lucky you, if you are a teenager. Your water will be clear and fresh.

Writing Prompt based on your teenage angst: Write about your clearest memory of a time when you felt alienated, when you felt as if you didn't belong. It might have been a moment when you walked into a classroom, the way Hattie does in Secrets of Greymoor , and feel the electricity, the tension that seems to be holding everyone in the room. You can feel the crackle, the sparks of alienation. Somehow you know it's directed at you. Think about that lost sort of feeling, the feeling that you're groping your way in the dark hoping for a light that isn't yet another train coming. Recreate that moment or that time. Use your senses. What was the day like--cloudy, bright sunshine, daffodils, reds and golds of autumn leaves. What did you smell? And think about this: What did you do with your hands? How did your hands feel--clammy, dry, shaky, stiff. What was going on around you? Keep brainstorming until you have a well of sensory perceptions to draw from. Then write about it. Let it pour out of your overflowing cup.

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