Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Onomatopoetics Writing Prompt

March 18, 2009

Does everyone have their list in hand of the onomatopoetic words that you heard or thought of yesterday? NO? Neither do I. I got distracted from play by e-mail and appointments. I listened to the squish of my tires, the whoosh of the wind, the beep of a horn, the low hum of my car engine, and then I forgot. I looked at the blue sky and the yellow air, brown grass, flocks of robin red-breasts hopping in the stubbled fields, the heat mirage on the road. I forgot to use my "sound" sense, and reverted to my sight sense.

Okay, if you do have your list, then use it to write a paragraph or a poem using all the words. It can make sense or it can be nonsense. It can be sad, mad, glad, or scared. But please have fun! Onomatopoeia is sound smiling even when it's being scary.

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