Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Writing Prompt

February 18, 2009

Thanks, Sue, for joining in for the writing prompts. Here's one I think you and the other writers out there will have fun exploring. Let's write about doors. Today pay attention to all the doors you see at home or work. Think about them. What metaphors lie behind doors? Doors open onto new worlds, new opportunities. Locked doors keep secrets hidden--you all know the old saying, "Skeleton in the closet." Study the doors of other people and decide what it tells you about them. What doors do you like? What doors frighten you? Think backward now, back to your childhood: What doors welcomed you in the past? Did you have a scary experience that involved a door? Think about it. Brainstorm a series of sensory details about your door(s), and then write about what you saw in any way you want. Have fun. No one has to see this but you! You can keep it behind closed doors, under lock & key. What did you discover?

If you need a little inspiration, take out your copy of Hattie On Her Way and leaf through it. Hattie discovers a lot of locked doors and drawers and hidden things at her grandmother's house. What does this tell you about her grandmother? Shhh! Secrets are waiting to be discovered.

Okay, now I'm off to write a poem--It's poetry day, and then off to a school visit to do writing workshops! They might be writing about doors today, too! Catch you tomorrow. Anyone want to share about your door?

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