Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 2009

Thank you everyone for helping my fledgling blog fly out of its little nest here in Lookout!

I'm off to a Poetry Retreat in the Poconos today, so I won't be posting anything until Monday, January 12th. I promise to return with a full report of the high points and a photo or two. This year there's an added creativity workshop, and we have been instructed to bring art supplies, so I've packed my box of 64 crayons and glue, my "Great Women Ruler(s) of Literature" (a gift from my sister Ellen), silly scissors, and three B&W photos of me. I wonder what those B&W photos will be turned into?

It's snowing and icy here, so my husband is driving me to the retreat in the Green Hornet--our beloved vintage pickup truck who is very very brave!

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