Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009

Joan just posted a comment about her first writing class. You go, Joan! Your enthusiasm has re-ignited my creative juices. All you readers/writers out there, be sure to check out Joan's comment under January 26th Creative Play & Craft Day! And if you've been considering whether to jump into a writing class or writing group, Joan's comment should get you running to sign up or seek out other writers! Write on, Joan!

What is writing like for you? Are you in the flow, a little blocked, has inertia set in? Not every writing day or writing project is the same, but the writing seems to flow the best when we write from our truest, deepest down places, when we find our "heart" connection to whatever it is we're writing. What do you care about? Write about that.

Watch for my next post later today. I'll be giving you a fun little writing prompt.

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