Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6, 2009

The New Year is always an exciting time. We went to New York City on the 2nd and had quite a hassle getting to see the VanGogh exhibit in its closing days. The MoMA was packed with lines out the door and waaaay down the street. But we persevered! Imagine getting to see "The Starry Night Over the Rhone" up close! And so many others. We had lunch at Brasserie Cognac on the corner of Broadway and fifty something street. It was stellar day!

On Sunday we saw several eagles along the Delaware River and spotted a nesting place in a tall pine tree. While we watched, an eagle soared up the river and flew into the nest! We'll be back to take some photos that I hope come out good enough to share with all of you!

Book news: For anyone living in the region that happens to log on, I'll be at the Border's bookstore in E.Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania on Valentine's Day from 1-3 pm. That's Saturday, February 14th. If you have youngsters, bring them along. I'll be showing kids several kinds of secret codes that they can use to create their own secret messages. Learn more about the new book Secrets of Greymoor http://www.candlewickpress.com/

I'll be posting several times a week, so watch for updates! Thanks for dropping by. . .


  1. Hey Mom! I wish i could go to your booksigning...but I'm stuck out n the desert here for a while ;)

  2. Will be there for sure, we are so proud of you!