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Dear Readers,

A Short Note about this contest: All through my school years, I never remember anyone teaching us anything about writing stories. We had to write spelling words in sentences and do book reports and essays. The essays always seemed to be connected to major tests or final exams. However, I did write poetry in high school, and because of that, I think, I received the Creative Writing Award at graduation. I still have the envelope that says Clara Gillow was the recipient. Over the years when the writing days were very hard and publication seemed out of my reach, I'd take out the envelope and read those words again.

I know how hard it is to be a writer and I also know how great it feels to hold a published book in your hands that has your name on it. One of the reasons I persisted through years of rejection came from the generosity of that giver who made a Creative Writing Award possible.  My hope is that this writing contest will do the same for all  the talented young writers who shared their stories. Congratulations to all of you. Write on!

Without further ado, please welcome and applaud the TWO **3rd Place WINNERS** Luke Mayhew and Emma Borme.

Luke's Bio in his own words: "I am in 7th grade. I don't think I can choose one favorite book, but I really like "Brian's Winter" by Gary Paulsen. My favorite subject in school is Math but I also like History. I love playing board games, and designing my own board games. 'You can be anybody and do anything in a board game,' I always say. I also made my own secret language!
Thanks for everything!"  [You are very welcome, Luke!]

By: Luke Mayhew
274 Words

    Joshua walked down the street, wondering if the rumors of the rebellion against King Marthael were true.  Suddenly a man materialized next to him.
     He hastily pulled a small box from underneath his dark cloak. “Here! Take this and don’t let anything happen to it!”
     Joshua looked down at a small, crude wooden box with rough edges. He opened his mouth to ask the man what was inside, but he had vanished from sight.
     Joshua opened the box. Tucked inside a leather pouch was a golden ring imprinted with the image of a falcon. 
     “No,”Joshua whispered “Not the king’s ring! If the rebels get their hands on this they can impersonate King Marthael!”
      Joshua sprinted through the town square, thinking only that he had to reach the castle as quickly as possible.
A soldier on patrol saw the box. His eyes widened. “Stop!”
Joshua ran behind buildings and through shops until he eluded the soldier and made it to the castle. As he approached the king’s throne room, he was confronted by a guard.
“What are you doing?” The guard asked, noticing the box in Joshua’s hand. “Give me the box!” He yelled, drawing his sword. 
Suddenly from out of the shadows, the man with the dark cloak flew through the air and tackled the guard. “Go! Go!” 
Feeling his knees might buckle at any moment, Joshua ran into the throne room just as the king spoke.
“Order my people to evacuate. The rebellion has begun.”
Joshua handed the box to the king and said, “Here, you might need this.”
The king lifted the lid and his eyes widened in surprise.


Emma Borme is a 7th grader in the mid-west. I'd like to eat some of those Swiss Rolls she writes about in her story below. Enjoy!

Swiss Rolls

By: Emma Borme

            Sunny McFeld was a normal teenage girl who lived in a small town in Oklahoma. Sunny was adventurous and kind-hearted child.  She had a favorite snack… Swiss Rolls!  Every Saturday, Sunny picks up a packet of eight Swiss Rolls. 
 It was a nice sunny day.  Sunny went over to the pantry to get the package of Swiss Rolls when she suddenly realized she had forgotten to buy them at the grocery store. She quickly grabbed her keys and raced out the door.  She grabbed her Swiss Rolls, paid, and raced back home.  
Sunny was half way home when she saw a shaggy man in neon blue jogging shorts running after her.  She ran franticly to her house! Sunny was getting close when she felt a hand reach into her pocket and drop something. It was a small, light wooden box. The man said, “Don’t let anything happen to this,” as he sprinted away.
Sunny quickly got home, and ran inside her room. She shoved the package under her bed.  When she sat down on her bed, the curiosity got to her and she opened the box.  Inside the box was a golden key with a beautiful bright red ruby on the end. Sunny quickly threw the box under the bed.
Sunny looked out the window and saw the man in blue shorts go by her house again.  This made her curious.  Sunny walked outside and went up to the man and asked him, “Why did you give me this key?  He said, “ Whomever sees the masterpiece shall live forever.” Then, he vanished.  Sunny went to the store each week to purchase Swiss Roles hoping she would see the man again.  However, now at 102 years old she often wonders if she will live forever.


Please take a moment to comment on what you liked about the stories or simply to CONGRATULATE these very special young writers! I'll be back on Tuesday to share the story of the Spilling Ink 2nd place Winner. Thanks again, dear readers, for your wonderful support!


  1. These are great! Congratulations, Luke and Emma!

  2. I loved Luke's post because it was really full of suspense. Even in a short story, I thought that was impressive. I also really liked Emma's story because it was cute. I liked the way she twisted the story. -Katie M.

  3. Congratulations to both winners. How wonderful they are!

  4. Congrats to both! Emma, you had me at Swiss Rolls (I love those!) and Luke, making your own board games? Your own language? And this story? I see video game development in your future! (I'd play your game!)

  5. Claudia and Donna (Irishoma), Thank you for stopping by to congratulate the winners!

  6. Katie M. and Cathy C. Hall, Thank you so much for sharing what you liked about the stories. I know the authors will appreciate your thoughtful words!

  7. Congratulations Luke and Emma! I loved your stories. Both stories held my interest because I did not know how they were going to end until the last line! You did a great job! Thank you for writing your stories.

  8. Way to go, Luke and Emma! It's hard to plot a story in so few words but you did it.

  9. Lorrie and Joyce, Thank you for your encouraging words to the young authors!

  10. Congrats to both wonderful writers! They both did a fantastic job within the parameters of the contest. Keep writing!! I expect to read your published books one day. :)

  11. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your fabulous encouragement for the young authors!

  12. Very special, indeed. I love to read stories written by young writers, so thank you for the contest and for posting these winning stories here.

  13. C.Lee, Thanks for your special words to the young authors!

  14. Congratulations, Luke and Emma! I loved your stories. Keep on writing!

  15. Congrats, winners!! :)

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  16. Good work Luke and Emma! I hope you keep on writing and find your own treasure boxes one day! Carol Baldwin

  17. Congratulations Luke and Emma! God bless you..