Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Dear Readers,

Please give a warm welcome to our Fabulous 2nd Place WINNER, **Katharine C. Ruegger**, an astonishing young woman from the mid-west whose entry "A Plataduck is Man's Best Friend" was chosen for its originality and humor. This girl is going to go far! Katharine won $15 cash and received  autographed books from Anne Mazer, K.L.Going, and Clara Gillow Clark! Please leave a comment to congratulate this rising star! Please read the special note at the end. THANK YOU!


Katharine G. Ruegger, a seventh grader, is an ecstatic little actress who love love loves anything having to do with the arts. Pursuing her dramatic career, she has performed at various professional theatres in shows such as King & I, Seussical, Oliver!, Once Upon A Mattress and Once On This Island. Katharine also enjoys competing in tennis matches, performing in her local Civic theatre's performing troupe "Act One," volunteering at local humane shelters, cooking, and hanging around with her theatre family. Katharine's favorite book is (at the moment) Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis, though she will always have an absolute obsession with anything and everything Dr. Seuss. Kat's favorite subjects include English, Music, and Drama, which she insists is, despite the excessive arts cutting in schools, is a subject.

Katharine G. Ruegger
Grade 7
Teacher:  Troy Cockrum
Prompt #3

  "A Plataduck is a Man's Best Friend"

    You see, I have a slight problem. My best friend… doesn't exist. He doesn't talk, either. My plataduck Alphie…he's invisible. Well, for right now he is. I intend to change this. Mom says plataducks aren't real, and so does Dad. At school, people laugh at me. The science teacher yelled at me. Once they see Alphie, this will all change.
    I've got a plan. No, I won't go to an exotic breeder, they just abuse animals. I'll do something different. I'll create my own plataduck. Now, I know it sounds outrageous, but a couple days ago at the park, this strange old man in lederhosen gave me some magic beans. No, not like Jack's beans…but wishing beans. I've always been a sucker for magic, and hey, if I get my pet, I'll be happy. It's just a matter of materials.

  I've been working with this theory for over a month now, but I just recently put it into action. Inside the beans… there's a genie. You can probably guess what this means. But it's a bean, not a lamp, so only one wish. And what would I do? My obvious level is bursting. I'll wish for my devious little Alphie. And guess what? There, in mid flying-mid swimming position will stand my wish, my absolute dream...Alfie, the plataduck.

*Special thanks go to Katharine's teacher, Mr. Troy Cockrum for all his help. Thank you, Mr. Cockrum! 


  1. What a great entry! Congratulations Katherine!!

  2. Delightful! Now I want the sequel to see what happens when the plataduck arrives in all his splendor!

  3. Ooo, I want a plataduck! I loved the story, Katharine!

  4. Very funny! Now where can we get a plataduck? I want one. :) Way to go Katherine! Congratulations on your fantastic story.

  5. I loved your story, Katharine. Great job. Now I want a plataduck too, unless it barks. It doesn't, does it? Congratulations!

  6. What a great story, Katharine. You have a good imagination and that is needed to be a writer. Congratulations. I wish I had some wishing beans.

  7. Great job, Katharine! I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future - if I don't see you in a play first. :) Congratulations!!

  8. Katharine--where can I get some of those magic beans? ;) Great story! Great imagination! Keep it up.

  9. Thank you all SO much!! Ms. Clark-it looks like after a couple months of looking I finally found your blog, thanks so much for the win! The books are great(: In addition, if any of you wish to read my more constant writing, please take a peek (or a subscription) to my blog at www.andallthatjazz.edublogs.org!(: