Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lucky Winner of BEAR CAN DANCE + Inside peek of A NUMBER SLUMBER

Dear Friends,

It's a cold, blustery day, but things will warm up fast if we all get up and dance with Bear and cheer for the lucky winner of BEAR CAN DANCE:

              DAVE BEAUDRY

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(Preview of A NUMBER SLUMBER at end of post!)

School Librarian Summer 2013 *Starred Review
When Bear and Goose open a suitcase of toys, little Fox arrives and wants to play. Initially Bear warmly welcomes the newcomer, but quickly starts grumbling when Bear becomes the one to be left out. Soon it's up to Goose to solve the situation.
A dilemma faced by most young children (and many adults!) is deftly resolved by Goose's good will. A wonderful scene on the last page finds Goose and Fox perched on Bear's lap while Goose reads aloud and Fox snoozes contentedly.
The bold simple text in this exceptional book
tells the story of complex emotions in only 100 words.
The vibrant blue, green and turquoise background provides a striking backdrop for the drama. Bear's size and beautifully textured polar coat cannot protect him from the roller-coaster of his own emotions. Little Fox, shy and sly by turns attempts to manipulate the situation while Goose's expressive eyes reflect his conflicting allegiances and anxiety.
This powerful story is a marvelous sequel to A Splendid Friend Indeed and will be remembered for many years. An ideal book to read aloud to children of 3+,
this would be an excellent trigger for classroom discussions and candle times. ~Rosemary Woodman Anna McQuinn, of Alanna Books, has published A Splendid Friend, Indeed and What About Bear? in the UK. Goose & Bear have been translated into nine other languages.

Enjoy this preview of A NUMBER SLUMBER!!!
In this book, beloved author-illustrator Suzanne Bloom asks readers how they prepare for bed—from putting on jammies to asking for one more hug—then counts down to bedtime from ten terribly tired tigers to one really weary wombat. Each animal demonstrates a different bedtime ritual—skunks somersault into bunks and elephants curl up with their trunks—adding original and inventive rhymes and a clever counting-backward structure to the bedtime book genre. The lyrical, rhyming text combines with dreamy, colorful artwork to provide a perfect way for children to wind down from an active day in a book sure to become a new bedtime classic. 
Here is a nearly finished spread from the upcoming, A Number Slumber. (Boyds Mills Press, fall 2016)
  Looks like another winning story, Suzanne! Congratulations on your forthcoming book, A NUMBER SLUMBER. And thanks so much for sharing your time and expertise with us!

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Next up is Author Trinka Noble. She'll be sharing an inside look at her process of turning legends into pictures books for children. Plus, she's offering an autographed book for one lucky reader who leaves a comment! 
THANKS, everyone, for joining the dance with BEAR and Suzanne Bloom! See you soon. . .


  1. I wanted to congratulate you on your new book, Suzanne. I love Boyds Mill Press. Love the art in your books. Thank you for paying it back. I enjoyed reading and learning from you.

    Congrats to Dave.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness, Robyn! Much appreciated.

  2. Congrats to Dave! The colors in all of these are luminous. Beautiful books!

  3. Hooray!! I can't believe I won. THANK YOU, Suzanne! I am looking forward to reading this book to my children, and I know my oldest son will love reading it himself and looking at the beautiful pictures. I'm so thrilled to be the winner of an autographed copy... thanks again! Congrats on your new book, too!

    1. Hooray for you, Dave! I know you'll enjoy sharing the book with your sons. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.