Saturday, November 21, 2015


Dear Friends,

It's been a great week thanks to so many of you who spread the word or stopped by to leave a comment. THANK YOU! The winner will be announced at the end, but first I wanted to share more book goodies from Lindsay. Below are two favorites!

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School Library Journal. PreSchool-Grade 3-A narrator introduces readers to two mice: "Inside my house there is a mouse,/Outside my house there is a mouse." The inside mouse sleeps in an old-fashioned clock, while the outside mouse snuggles in a tree stump. Line by line, with side-by-side, full-page illustrations, the story unfolds, tracing each mouse's journey from its home to the window of the house, where the two meet face to face, one looking out and one looking in, and say, "Hello." Gouache paintings in breathtaking colors create zoom-lens views of each of the not-so-different worlds of these two creatures. The pictures are packed with interesting details just waiting to be explored. The simple text, presented in a large typeface at the bottom of the pages, compares and contrasts the animals' environments and lifestyles. The overall effect is mesmerizing, and the intriguing parallels will capture readers' imaginations.This creative book makes a great choice for sharing aloud and for independent reading. It's also an excellent tool for teaching the concept of compare/contrast. -Wanda Meyers-Hines, Ridgecrest Elementary School, Huntsville, AL

School Library Journal. Louise L. Sherman, Anna C. Scott School, Leonia, NJ

PreSchool-Grade 2-- A day in the life of a box turtle is rendered carefully in words and lifelike illustrations with a text that respects its subject, avoids any anthropomorphism, and is simple enough for very young listeners. It records the turtle's actions as, slowly but with perseverance, he drinks, searches for food, evades danger, and sleeps. The outstanding gouache paintings in borderless, horizontal two-page spreads are so realistic that one almost reaches out to feel the turtle's textured shell. Although at times the turtle seems to be camouflaged, blending into his surroundings, he stands out clearly once located. The animals he encounters are equally well illustrated--readers will almost hold their breath so as not to frighten the raccoon and chipmunk. The book's design is excellent; even the well-chosen type, superimposed on the illustrations so that there is no visual break from the scenes, is clear and easily read. This is superior nature study for young readers and listeners. 

The lucky winner of MAGGIE'S BALL is. . .  Carol Baldwin!!!!! 
Carol, please e-mail me with your mailing address: claragillowclark(at)gmail(dot)com. If you'd like the book personalized to a special child include that info. THANK YOU!!!

Wait. . .don't stop reading yet! Award winning & bestselling author, K.L. Going, shares with us next week about her new book, Pieces of Why. The giveaway for autographed books continues through the Holiday season! See you soon. . .

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