Monday, June 29, 2009


Monday, June 29, 2009

Click on the link for a poem by Billy Collins ( America's two-term Poet Laureate) See if it doesn't resonate with your school and teacher experience, and then see what the poet has to say about the writing of poetry. Well said, I think!
What do you think?

Don't go too far away. I'll be back soon with a short short play activity! Then we'll get back to the business of looking at what we've written and mining our gold!

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  1. Realizing my ignorance in the poet laureate area I thought I'd better do some research. I hadn't paid attention to whom the Poet Laureate is since Robert Frost. I could tell you Jack Prelutsky was the Children's Poet Laureate. I thought being a library media specialist I should know these things. So, thanks, Clara, I updated my knowledge - Kay Ryan is now the Poet Laureate and Children's Poet Laureate is now Mary Ann Hoberman for a 2 year reign.
    Next I will have to concentrate on the question you asked.