Sunday, June 14, 2009

Indian Chief Motorcycle & Biker Chick

Saturday, June 12, 2009 Rhinebeck, NY on the Hudson River

Sometimes you just gotta get away and do something out of the rut of everyday life. My husband is a motorcycle enthusiast and has restored a 1929 Indian Scout, so driving (not riding) over to Rhinebeck to spend the day was a nice change from our usual Saturday chores. What a great place to listen and watch and take notes. As I was writing this, I thought of another great Beverly Cleary character, Ralph Mouse. Runaway Ralph and Motorcycle Ralph were two of my sons favorite books from grade school. If you haven't read them, then a fun and heart-warming adventure awaits you. Definitely put them on your reading list.

I hope you've been having fun setting down school memories. I'll be back tomorrow with a short writing assignment, something that everyone will have time to do. Now I'm off...varoom! varoom!


  1. Enjoyed picture and to own and Indian is a big deal.

  2. Check out the cool biker chick!
    Looks like you had fun Mom!
    Love you!