Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just couldn't resist sharing this fabulous review!

Secrets of Greymoor
Posted by Editor at 20 May, 2009, 4:55 pm
By Clara Gillow Clark
Candlewick Press, $15.99, 166 pages

Secrets of Greymoor is more than a tale of hidden treasures, deciphering codes, and secrecy. It’s an honest story of a young girl sent to live with her once-rich grandmother with the intent to go to the finest schools and make a better life than the one her father could provide for her. Hattie soon discovers, after her grandfather’s death in an insane asylum, that her grandmother needs her far more than she needs her grandmother. Hattie’s grandfather loved mysteries so much and that fact becomes apparent when she finds a thin leather book filled with gibberish; codes she must translate to find her riches. She is determined to find his hidden treasure and save her grandmother from financial ruin. Hattie never loses hope in the fortune she’s sure to find, but in the end is surprised at how precious it is. This is a charming tale filled with intrigue, excitement, and often, painfully disappointing lessons of family status, envy, loyalty, and betrayal. While the ending leaves the reader wanting more, it delivers the moral gauge that budding young adults need to find their place in family and societal life.

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson
Sacramento Book Review

CONGRATULATIONS to Writing Coach, Beth Troop and her talented young authors of the WAMS Writing Club who read and performed last night!

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