Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Book Reception -- La Shed Du Fred -- PLUS Writing Prompt

Here I am--you know who I am, right?--with my good friend, Wendy Townsend, whose first YA novel, Lizard Love was published last year. Wendy is working on a middle grade novel now among other projects. She's also busy putting together a writing retreat for late summer in an idyllic spot near the Delaware River. She promises to have a wonderful faculty, so keep that in mind all you writers out there.

Now. . .about that writing prompt. I'm starting to feel guilty about not posting one yet this week and it's Wednesday already. So here's something that will tickle the right side of your brain and get you thinking outside the box. Imagine that instead of blue that the sky is magenta or persimmon or spring green or the color of dandelions or maybe claret. Now imagine how each of those colors would make you feel--emotion, and how the color of the sky might change the way you see the world. Would a dusty rose make it better?
In my new Hattie book, Secrets of Greymoor, Hattie says that her tutor, Mr. Horace Bottle, has taught her to see the many shades of color even in freshly fallen snow. Hattie's new wool dress, he told her, ". . .was the color of claret. Nothing was a simple color like red or yellow or blue to Horace." If you've read the book, you'll know that Hattie's claret dress causes her a lot of trouble. If you haven't read the book, please do, dear friends. But for now, go and have fun thinking in color. Paint the sky whatever color pleases you and think about why you chose the color you did. Write about it, of course.

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