Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome Award Winning Author, Kay Winters!

Thursday, October 1, 2009 Whooo's That?
Kay Winters and I first met about fifteen years ago at a wonderful SCBWI spring retreat in the Poconos. When you first meet Kay, you are at once struck by her poise and charm and most of all her warmth. It's always a delight to meet up with Kay at any writing event or conference. Here's a short bio about Kay in her own words to get you acquainted with her too:
"Stories have always been magic to me. My parents read to me every night. I was an only child who moved 11 times and was in 3 first grades. Books were my constant companions. Going to the library was a big adventure. I'd fasten my roller skates, hang the key around my neck, and zoom off holding a big blue bag to stuff with books."
Kay worked as a teacher, reading specialist, elementary supervisor, and college instructor. She also worked as a consultant at the American Intl Schools in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Italy, India, and Nepal. "I loved it!" Kay writes. "I spoke at many conferences. But always, at every reading or curriculum conference that I attended, I slipped off to hear the authors speak. That dream would not be denied.
When Peter Catalanotto, a local author, came to one of my schools, I talked to him about my dream of writing children's books. He said, 'Give yourself five years to break in.' I thought to myself, I'd better get going!"
Kay left her teaching job and started all over again, writing books full time. She took classes in New York City at the New School, went to conferences, and wrote every day. A brand new career! After many manuscript submissions and an equal number of rejections, Kay got her first contract from HarperCollins for the Teeny Tiny Ghost. Two weeks later, the second contract was offered by Simon & Schuster for Wolf Watch. And a third contract offer for Did You See What I saw? Poems about School came from Viking.
Today, Kay and her husband live in an old farmhouse in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where she divides her working time between writing, schools visits, and speaking at conferences. Kay says, "It's a Lovely life." Learn more about this special author by visiting her website:
Be sure to leave a comment on this post! Kay has generously donated three autographed books: her new one, Whooo's That? and two of her Teeny Tiny Ghost books. To sweeten the Trick or Treat bag even more, simply leave a comment telling us your favorite Halloween Candy, your best ever costume, a spooky or special Halloween moment. How easy is that? Each time you leave a comment, your name will be put in my Halloween pumpkin for a chance to win one of Kay's books. The drawing will be mid-October so the lucky winners will have their books for Halloween!
Stay tuned! Kay's Halloween books and her schedule for Book Signings and Presentations will be featured in my next post!


  1. First want to say that I love Kay's story of how the contracts kept coming one after another AFTER she wrote every day AND got rejections. Congrats!

    My favorite Halloween candy is Reese's Peanut Butter cups! (The big single packages are fine.) :)

    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Margo Dill

  2. Thanks for writing in, Margo! Your name goes in my Halloween Jack O'Lantern for a chance to win an autographed book!

  3. Clara, Thanks for introducing us to this inspring author. This goes to show you that commitment and dedication pay off. My goal is to write every day, as well. Now if my life as a mother of three would just stop interrupting... :)

    My favorite Halloween candy is Snickers. My favorite Halloween costume is a skeleton. But that may just be because my daughter goes as one every year!

  4. Congratulations, Kay on your books!

    My favorite candy--Laffy Taffy

    Best Halloween costume--I was the toilet paper to my hubby''s just say he had flies all over him. ;-)

    Happy Halloween!

  5. I can eat candy corn by the bagful. I love it, my dentist husband, however, frowns. ;)

    I love Kay's story! Her hard work paid off. I needed that today. Especially the give yourself five years to break in bit.

  6. Thanks for dropping by, Jennifer! Writing everyday is a great goal for all of us who write! (I'm rather fond of Snickers myself!) Your name is added to my Happy-faced Halloween Jack O'Lantern! Write on!

  7. Thanks, Pam! You're too funny! Your costume duo is a tough one to beat! Your name is in the Jack O'Lantern! Shoo flies!

  8. Hi Kristin, Thanks for the comment! Kay is inspiring, and she has a lot more to share about the journey in upcoming posts.

    I can eat candy corn by the bagful too, but mostly I manage not to buy it! Otherwise, I'm doomed.

    Your name is in the Jack O'Lantern!

  9. Congratulations! A lovely interview about a lovely lady! Well...let me amend that...a lovely, creative lady! Since I've already sent Teeny Tiny Ghosts flying off to multiple grandkids, I can't wait to see the newest Halloween Book.

    As for your suvey...candy corn is my downfall at Halloween just as jelly beans are at Easter. (This seasonal eating gets me!) Favorite costume? A witch. (Is this perhaps psychologically significant?)

  10. Thanks, Anonymous for writing in to congratulate Kay Winters on her latest book!

    Perhaps one day we'll meet?

  11. These books look so cute! Will have to get them for my library!