Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ACT NOW! Price Slash for Manuscript Edits!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all my writing friends! 

It’s the season of giving, but also of resolution and new beginnings. To help you get moving on those writing goals, I’m offering a discount for writers with a YA or MG manuscript for a limited time only. 

From today until January 15th, my rate of $4 per page is slashed to $2.75 per page, and all you have to do to lock in that rate for the next six month is to send a deposit of fifty dollars by the cutoff date. 

The price of $2.75 includes a full edit and an editorial letter outlining what’s working and what may need a closer look--plot, story arc, character development, conflict, sub-plots, and more. If you have questions or concerns, send those along.    

In most cases, an edit will take from a week to ten days for a completed work, but you can also submit in installments and pay as you go. You are welcome to send by regular mail or electronically. I accept payment through PayPal or by personal check. 

Want to learn more? Simply e-mail with your questions or to ask about how and where to submit: claragillowclark(at)gmail(dot)com

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