Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who won EDDIE"S WAR? It might be you!

Dear Readers,

This month there is a special reason why this LUCKY WINNER won the giveaway of EDDIE'S WAR. . .
Read below to find out why!

Kirkus Reviews (starred review):

Eddie’s War
 EDDIE'S WAR (reviewed on July 1, 2011)
In her first outing for children, Saller (The Subversive Copy Editor, 2009) provides a poignant look at boyhood before and during the long years of World War II.
The novel in verse is a well-worked concept, but this effort infuses new life into a genre that's become almost trite. Eddie, just 5 years old as the story begins in 1934, lives contentedly in the glorious shadow of his older brother, Thomas. A few brief vignettes capture the flavor of the pre-war years, as Eddie befriends Jozef, an immigrant his Grama calls a gypsy, who carefully scans newspapers at the library, looking for the only word he can read: the name of his home in Poland, where his wife and son still live. Eddie comes to idolize his brother’s friend, Gabe, always the most reasonable of the older boys. Eventually, Thomas and Gabe enlist as the United States enters the war, and Eddie and his parents face the trial of never knowing if Thomas will live to come home. Prejudice against Jozef forces Eddie to make a hard choice to save the beleaguered man. In spare language and remarkably short sketches, carefully selected details effectively portray well-rounded, interesting characters, from Eddie’s abusive grandfather to his evolving love interest, Sarah.
Much more an emotionally resonant coming-of-age tale than a war story, this will be an easy sell for those seeking a quick, excellent read. (Historical fiction. 11 & up)  

Sometimes it's all about LUCK & TIMING or being in the right town at the right time. Joyce and I met up for a cup of vanilla latte at a little cafe in my town, Honesdale, PA! So the WINNER of the fabulous EDDIE'S WAR by Carol Saller is none other than the award winning author of BLUE, Joyce Moyer Hostetter:
Joyce Moyer

We had a wonderful chat about books and writing and the writing life. If you're ever in town, let me know. I'd love to meet you, too! Please drop by to Congratulate Joyce or just say, "Howdy!"

I'm taking a month off from blogging now. My next featured author and book giveaway will be coming up in September! Thank you again, dear readers, for your wonderful and thoughtful comments!



  1. Yay, Joyce! I am very happy that you won, especially since you were kind enough to donate one of your own books, which I won! Best wishes to you.
    Clara, you have a wonderful blog. Thanks for connecting us to these great authors. We will miss you while you are away from your blog for a few weeks. See you in September!

  2. Congratulations, Joyce!
    And you are so right about luck and timing, Clara.

  3. Thank you Janet, Donna, and Lorrie for stopping by to congratulate the winner!

    Lorrie, Thanks for your kind words. I'm excited about my fall line-up of authors and giveaways! Write on!

  4. Joyce, I'm so happy that you won the book--I hope you enjoy it!

  5. Congrats to Joyce.
    Enjoy your month off, Clara :)

  6. From JOYCE HOSTETTER to all of YOU: Clara, please pass my thanks on to the lovely commenters over at your blog. I am having trouble with Blogger. It won't allow me to comment on certain blogs. Others are fine. But yours is one of them as is irishoma's who I just visited and tried to comment on. Thanks so much for the contest. Looking forward to reading Eddie's War. Reading Hill Hawk Hattie now. Excellent!

  7. Couldn't have gone to a person who will love it more!

  8. This is a test to see if I can comment on your blog, via a different browser

  9. Apparently FireFox passed the test! Whoohooo! I am back in touch with certain friends again! Yay!

    Thanks so much, Clara for the book. I am loving it!

  10. Oh and thanks so very much to you, Carol. I was excited to learn via Peggy Reiff Miller that you are published by Namelos. I love the folks at Namelos!

    I'm deep into Eddie's War right now. Great book!

  11. It couldn't happen to a nicer lady! Thanks for all your wonderful book chats!

    BTW...I've tagged you for a blog award. I hope you don't mind. Stop by my blog for the info.

  12. So happy to hear from you, Ghost Girl! I'll have to check out that award! THANK YOU!