Saturday, July 9, 2011


Dear Readers,

I didn't intend to lie about WHEN I was going to announce the winner of debut author Shannon Wiersbitzky's first novel, the summer of hammers and angels for middle grade readers, but, alas, that's the way it turned out. Sometimes, LIFE makes other plans for us, and I'm sure you are all well-versed in sudden interruptions that delay your best laid plans and goals. But I'm here now, and eager to ANNOUNCE the LUCKY WINNER!

First, I wanted to share a terrific review of  the summer of hammers and angels from KIRKUS:

Author: Wiersbitzky, Shannon
Publisher: namelos
Angels in the form of members of the First Congregational Church of Christ come to Delia Burns' rescue after lightning strikes her house, leaving her mother in a coma and Delia trying to do the long list of repairs left by the inspector who has condemned her home.
Set in Tucker's Ferry, W.V., this idealized picture of small-town cooperation recalls a simpler time. There are no electronic devices beyond the television in the corner of her mother's hospital room and no chain stores with computerized inventories. There is also little supervision of the children: hard-working, resourceful Delia, her flighty friend, Mae, and mean Tommy Parker, who turns out to be both helpful and handy with tools. Delia’s age is never given, but the first-person narration reflects her innocence and naïveté. Thanks to summer Bible camp she knows something about religion. She wonders about the efficacy of prayer and the existence of angels. She hasn't gone regularly to church like the Parkers, neighbors who take her in after the lightning strike, but her conversion is swift. After two weeks of porch carpentry, ivy-pulling and screen-mending, she’s ready to ask for help, which arrives in true feel-good fashion.

The heartwarming conclusion is an unlikely miracle, but it is entirely in keeping with the flavor of this nostalgic story, which will leave readers hungry for fried chicken and Coke from glass bottles. (Fiction. 9-13)
---Kirkus Reviews
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The LUCKY WINNER of The Summer of Hammers and Angels is: KRISTIN GRAY
Congratulations, Kristin. I know you'll give this book a good home! Please e-mail me [claragillowclark(at)gmail(dot)com] with your mailing address, and the book will go out to you asap!

Please take a moment to congratulate Kristin! You, dear reader, may be the lucky winner next time!

And next up will be an interview with the award winning author, Susan Campbell Bartoletti, about the writing of her soon to be released picture book, Naamah and the Ark at Night published by Candlewick Press on August 9th. You'll want to stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win a hardcover, autographed copy of this gorgeous book before it is released! How cool is that?


  1. Kristin-

    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the book and the journey to Tucker's Ferry, West Virginia! I'd love to hear from you after you finish it. You can reach me at [shannonwiersbitzky(at)me(dot)com]. Happy reading!

  2. Congratulations, Kristin. Sounds like a great book coming your way.

  3. Kristin--Congratulations. I am sure you will enjoy the book. It sounds like a marvelous one.

  4. Thank you! Wahoo!!!!!!!! I need another great read before summer ends!
    Thank you Clara and Shannon! Made. My. Day!

  5. Thanks Shannon, Janet, Donna, and Sioux for stopping in to leave a comment!

    Thanks for the great post, Shannon!

    Congratulations, Kristin!!!! Wahoo!!!!

  6. I'm behind on my blog reading and looks like I missed out on winning a cool book. Reason to stay on top of this! Congratulations to Kristin.

  7. Thanks, Carol.
    And Clara - it came today. Can't wait to dive in!