Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Readers, A Bagful of gifts for YOU!

And what to the wondering eyes should appear, but a bagful of gifts for my wonderful readers--autographed books for writers, books for readers, books for spiritual edification and a couple of free critiques. All you have to do is leave a comment for a chance to win one of these outstanding gifts.
Read on . . .

Please welcome my dear friend  K.L. Going an award-winning YA author (Prinz Honor Award for Fat Kid Rules the World), former assistant to literary agents at Curtis Brown in New York and a former manager of an independent bookstore.She's generously donated two autographed books!
Learn more about Kelly and her books here: 
View her author page here: Amazon's K. L. Going Page

"Going's latest is full of comic moments featuring "Aunt" Pete's glam-rock band buddies and Liam's relentless blunders, as well as his uncommon fashion expertise ("You're like a fashion Einstein," gushes one of Pete's friends). Readers—screwups or not—will empathize as Liam, utterly likable despite his faults, learns to be himself."—Publishers Weekly, starred review
Liam is a multifaceted and resilient character who ultimately learns how to be comfortable in his own skin with the help of his new, makeshift family. Going’s knack for defying stereotypes and creating memorable characters will not disappoint fans of Fat Kid Rules the World (Putnam, 2003) and Saint Iggy (Harcourt, 2006).--School Library Journal, starred review

Writing and Selling the Young Adult Novel -- This book takes readers through every stage of writing for the YA market. Aspiring writers and established authors hoping to move into this flourishing genre alike will find instruction on writing for this special audience as well as tips on getting published. The book covers everything from plot, setting, characters and dialogue to revision and approaching publishers.

Recommended by SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)


Please give a warm round of applause to my sister and Irish twin, Lela Gillow Buchanan and her debut book, Finding Redemption in Everyday Life. Take a bow, Lela! I have an autographed book waiting here for one of you.
You can purchase a copy of her book directly from her publisher: 
View her amazon author page here: Amazon's Lela Gillow Buchanan Page 
If you'd like a personalized copy for yourself or a gift, please contact her at:


Lela Buchanan has sifted through the mud to uncover a powerful truth. Although life may be rough on us, we do not have to build a wall around our heart. Refreshing and inspiring story gems told with compassion, humor, and wisdom. ---Allison Bottke, Author of Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children

Here's what Lela has to say about her book,  Finding Redemption in Everyday Life:

I wanted perfection, I got life . . .
Finding the redeeming moments amidst the struggles of daily, mundane life is a not an impossible quest. Life is hard. It often hurts. Sometimes you have to dig a little to find the buried gems of goodness. The only tools you need are a teachable heart and mind, and a desire to see the fingerprints of God all over ordinary circumstances. It s far too easy to focus on the clutter of responsibilities, distractions and fears of everyday existence, and completely miss the nourishing, redeeming and often humorous moments hiding just beneath the surface.
As you read you will discover the benefits of:
- Holding onto Faith, even if frail and faltering
- Hope, that is resilient, unable to be extinguished whatever the circumstances
- Love, that may be costly, but worth the price
- Perseverance, never, never, never giving up
Finally, there's me--Clara Gillow Clark! As many of you already know, I teach a book writing course and also do freelance critiques. In my bag of goodies is a Free critique of one picture book manuscript up to 1250 words and one Free critique of the first chapter of a middle grade novel up to 8 pages.

It's easy to win. All you have to do is leave a comment listing which gifts you'd like to receive. The winners will be selected by and prizes will be announced on December 15th. HINT: You are welcome to leave more than one comment for a better chance of winning!

Dear Readers, we love comments, so even if you don't choose to enter the drawing, you can still leave a comment to cheer us on! Thank you!


  1. Fun! I'd love to win either the "Finding Redemption in Everyday Life" or the picture book critique!

    I've enjoyed getting to know you via blog the past few weeks! Good stuff!

  2. Awesome prizes, Clara! It's so hard to choose. I would love to win either of K.L.'s books or the free pb critique from you.
    Congrats to your sister on her new publication. Fantastic!! Happy Holidays!

  3. I want to learn how to write like the fabulous K.L. Going! And I want to find redemption in everyday life - right now I'd like to find redemption anywhere. Thanks for offering these delicious goodies, dearest Clara.

  4. Hi Clara! Awesome give-away and congrats to your sis! I'd love to win the Finding Redemption book!

  5. Thank you, what a wonderful, generous idea! I would love to win a pb critique or Finding Redemption in Everyday Life.
    Thanks also for your delightful and informative site.

  6. Wow, Santa's sack is certainly filled with wonderful goodies. It's a good thing I am on the good girl list this year, so I will weigh in by saying I would be grateful to win any of these inspiring gifts <3

  7. Hi Clara! I have benefited greatly from your critiques and would love an opportunity to have another one...would also love to read your sister's book: Finding Redemption in Everyday Life. I love Kelly's works, have read everyone of her fact she led me to you...shout out to both of you. Thanks Kris

  8. Great contest, Clara! Your contests always rock!
    Enter me, please!


  9. You always have the greatest stuff going on over here! Love to see K. L. Going's books. We'll have to get you guys to come back and do another signing some time!

    I would love a copy of Writing and Selling the YA novel!

    I would like to say I want a critique of a picture book manuscript, but I haven't gotten it to a point where it can be critiqued. ah well :)

    Thanks again!

  10. Greetings from a very soggy corner of the USA . . . Thanks, first, to my gracious "little" sister for profiling my book, "Finding Redemption in Everyday Life" on her blog--I'm not in her league but I'm intensely proud of her talent and discipline. Thanks, too, to all you early risers who expressed interest in my book. Since every member of our family is mentioned at least once, you'll get to know us really well, and, hopefully, find areas that you can relate to
    in our various life situations.

  11. Hi Everyone! Thanks to each and everyone of you for your enthusiastic response to the Giveaway! You're all the best!

  12. I'll love to win any of the books and the book sound so interesting.

  13. just a better chance to get in the contest for a awesome book.

  14. Hi Clara,
    I would love to get a PB critique from you!
    What a great Christmas gift for all of your followers !

  15. I'd love to win either of Going's books or Writing and Selling the Young Adult Novel (I've got two ready to market). But mostly I just really like keeping up with your site. It rocks!

  16. Goodness, I have no sense. I'd appreciate a critique from you also! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I'd love to win a critique to my middle reader novel-in-progress inspired by my ancestors during the Civil War. I'm determined to finish it finally because the 150th anniversary will be celebrated 2011-2015.

    Second choice would be your sister's book.

  18. A chance to win a signed copy of Lela's book, to accompany all of yours on my "Authors I Have Known" shelf----you bet!!

    Linda Snyder Koons

  19. Hi Clara:

    What a fun contest. Since I already have KL Going's "Writing and Selling the YA Novel" I'd like to win either of your critiques as my first choice.

    Thanks. :)


  20. Oh and...

    KL Going's new novel as my second choice.

    Thanks again, Clara!

    Gayle :)

  21. Hi,

    I would love to win a critique from you of my middle grade novel.

    my second choice would be the book, Finding Redemption in Everyday Life


  22. Congrats to your sister for publishing her book! That is so awesome as are K.L. Going's books!

  23. All I have to do is leave a comment? I would have whipped up a batch of cookies for you to be entered into this contest! I would be delighted to win an author signed copy of any of the books. Congratulations to your sister!
    Thank you

  24. I'd love to win the middle grade critique, but my second choice would be the picture book critque.

  25. Hi, I'd love to win a copy of Writing and Selling the YA novel :)


  26. I'd love to win "King of the Screw-Ups" as my second choice :)


  27. I'd love to win a copy of King of the Screw Ups;)

    kpuleski at gmail dot com

  28. Wow! What a cool and generous contest. My sister Kathleen and I are Irish twins. It's wonderful to have a sister so close in age.

    All the giveaways sound great, but because I'm struggling with my YA novel, I would love to win "Writing and Selling the YA Novel." I can definitely use the help!

    Donna v.

  29. Is it too late to sign up for the free critique of a first chapter of a middle grade novel?
    Donna v.

  30. Hi Donna (Irishoma),

    You're not too late! You name is added to the drawing!

  31. What a great contest. I would love to win a free critique.

  32. Me again. Forgot to mention, I would like to win either the free critique for the PB or MG novel, since I write both kinds of stories. Also, congratulations to your sister.