Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Notes about The Writing Life with Kay Winters

Wednesdsay, October 14, 2009 Thanks for writing in. . .

Librarian Audra E. wrote on FaceBook: "Great interview. . .always interesting and inspiring to hear how authors began writing. Whooo's That? just arrived at the library. Can't wait to bring it home and share it with the kids!"

Teacher Barbaranne sent her comment via gmail: "I found what Kay said to be quite encouraging and supportive. She talked about marketing oneself and I would love for her to talk more on that subject, either publicly or by e-mail. It really helps, as I struggle with my writing, to hear paths to success are peppered with rejections. This interview was very helpful. Thank you, Kay!"

Welcome new member: JFHumble

Tomorrow is the drawing for the autographed books. Whooo will win?

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