Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dream Time

30 July 2009 A thought to tuck in your heart!

Imagine what you wish to become one day catching up with you! --M. Crystal

I hope you've all been dreaming books or stories and jotting down thoughts and scenes. Maybe this summer you've begun to draft a novel, a short story or memoir or begun to write poetry. A few of you may be so diligent and disciplined that you've finished a draft and now you've begun to revise. Wherever you are in your writing journey, take some time to dream and imagine what you'd like to accomplish. Take a moment and look back to the Fun & Easy Writing Prompt
that I posted in early June. Remember the pyramid? If you drew one, go back and look at it now. How far did you get on your journey to the cheering stick figure at the top? If you didn't make much progress, take heart. Begin at the point you stopped and focus on the next step. Just one step. Happy climbing!

Don't go away! I'll be back next week with a new writing prompt and news of an upcoming event.

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